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Who is New Jersey Free-mo?

New Jersey Free-mo is an open group of model railroaders who construct, operate and display Free-mo HO scale modular layouts throughout the greater New Jersey area and beyond. There are no elected officials, no dues, no club property. Instead, the group is there to help each other design and build modules that meet the Free-mo standard.

All modules are free to take on any shape and size (adhering to the national
Free-mo standard), while emphasizing prototypical operations and realistic scenery.

Though not affiliated with the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA), the New Jersey Free-mo group got its start within the confines of the
New Jersey Division of the NMRA.

For additional information, take a look at the
NJ Free-mo Handout.

So then what is Free-mo?

Free-mo is a standard used to build realistic HO scale modules depicting prototype railroading in the US and Canada. Developed over the last 15+ years, Free-mo has allowed module builders to successfully construct thousands of prototype-based modules, and then set them up and operate them with other modules built to the standard from all over North America.

Free-mo was developed with the idea that a standard that focused mainly on the module endplates would enable faithful modeling of prototype track and operations between the ends. Module length and track configuration are entirely up to the modeler.

For more information on Free-mo and the standard, visit

Free-mo in action

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Free-mo module builders gather at various events to construct unique and free-form modular layouts. Shown to the right is a plan for one of these layouts.

Many single track modules are linked to fill the available space and provide a prototypical operating layout that the members can enjoy for the duration of the event, from a few hours to multiple days.

Because a standard is followed, module builders from NJ as well as anywhere in the US can be assured their modules will quickly connect to other modules with proper alignment and electrical connections!

Stay Current!

An e-mail list for NJ Free-mo participants is at the Yahoo group NJFree-mo. Be sure to join the group to stay up to date on all the latest group happenings and to be able to communicate with others involved with NJ Free-mo.
An interactive discussion blog is also available to allow members to post info and share comments. If you would like to be able to post to this blog, send an e-mail to to get added!
See NJ Free-mo at the Bordentown Train Show - December 2016!
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"Bringing the fun of Model Railroading out of the basement!"

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