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NJ Free-mo News and Information

Bordentown Train Show - December 2016
Once again, the annual Bordentown Train Show will include Free-mo modules amongst the many operating layouts. The show runs throughout December. Included this year will be Mike Prokop's Linden Street module and Bill Grosse's Yardville module, both multi-sectional modules. Visitors are encourages to run trains, with ongoing prototypical operations planned throughout the month.

The train show will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in December from 4pm to 8pm (except Christmas Day). The location is the Old City Hall Building, 13 Crosswicks Street, Bordentown City, NJ.
NE Free-mo - Springfield Mass  January 28-29, 2017
In January 2016, the annual Free-mo layout at Springfield was possibly the largest East Coast Free-mo layout ever, and included modules from Canada, Maryland, Ohio, New York, New Jersey and the New England states. The next show in 2017 promises to be even bigger! The layout features multiple yards, a mainline and branch line, 2 return loops and dozens of industries to support operating sessions. This is a great event! To participate, be sure to get in contact with New England Free-mo via their Yahoo Group.

Photos from the 2016 layout:

Photos from the 2015 layout:
Call for Modules - Timonium  February 4-5, 2017
At the Great Scale Model Train Show in Timonium, Maryland, there will be a Free-mo layout setup. The host is Capitol Free-mo and participation gets you into the show for free! Contact the Capitol Free-mo group for more information, or use the e-mail link below to contact NJ Free-mo for more information. The shows that have Free-mo layouts are in February, April and October.
NJ Free-mo Modules on display - NJ Division Meets
At the New Jersey Division NMRA Meets, we sometimes have modules on display. Check out the NJ Division website for news on upcoming Meets. Non-NMRA guests are welcome to attend and check out the event. Once we confirm participation at a future Meet we will post that here.
NJ Free-mo Paint Color
Being the first of the group to get a module completed, I picked out a color to paint my benchwork and legs. I went with a dark green color called Submarine. If anyone wants to match this color, the paint is Olympic and was purchased from Lowe’s. The paint chip card is D64-5. ~ Mike Mc.
NJ Free-mo Logo
With some help from my son, who has been learning to use graphic arts tools at school, we now have a NJ Free-mo logo. If you need a copy to print module nameplates or name tags, let me know and I can e-mail you are larger version suitable for printing. ~ Mike Mc.
Jones Plugs and Anderson Power Poles
Participants in NJ Free-mo are encouraged to build to Free-mo specifications which include Cinch Jones connectors on the compliant ends. I last ordered these online through Allied Electronics. Anderson Power Poles are used by some groups, including Capitol Free-mo. For flexibility, I have both types of connectors on the ends of my modules. Anderson PPs would also make sense for any internal connections between module sections as they are cheaper and easier to obtain. ~ Mike Mc.
NJ Free-mo Name tags
I created a simple name tag and module tag that uses the NJ Free-mo logo. I created this in the Apple word processing program Pages. I have posted that document here and you can download it and edit the module and owner names to print your own. I also exported a MS Word 97-2004 document in case that is needed. ~ Mike Mc.

Apple Pages document:
NJ Free-mo Name Tag Pages

MS Word document:
NJ Free-mo Name Tag MS Doc
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